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Collect all of your telemetry data in one place for full-stack observability and AI-driven insights, allowing you to confidently increase service efficiency and reduce time to market. Watch Video Follow us on:

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Unleash the Power of Visual Analytics

Qodus’ solution offerings help each customer to become data aware and to execute the correct data strategy, to have the correct training program in place and to implement the correct data analytics tools. This is to help the customer reap the benefits of using Big Data.

Data Engineering

Manage data pipelines more effectively with the versatility of your choice of data processing frameworks.

AD-Hoc Analytics

Higher productivity, a shorter time to value, and the ability to scale to accommodate more concurrent users.

Full-Stack Observability

Comprehensive visibility across the software stack in one unified experience.

Machine Learning

Innovate, differentiate, and modernize with data science and machine learning.

Our Services

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Data Analytics Audit

This audit conducted on-site to determine the data analytics maturity level within the company.


Data Strategy Design & Development

This is long-term onsite consulting and training project. It is about what the customer wants to achieve in their business and how a data strategy plan can help to get them there.


Data Analytics Tools Implementation Project

Implementation project executing the Data Strategy using the tools defined in the Data Strategy.


Using Data insight to excel your Business

Our platform offers end-to-end services that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to run Data pipelines, Streaming Analytics, and Machine Learning workloads on any cloud. No other framework can equal Qodus's openness and data workload flexibility while also lowering cloud data lake costs by more than half.

Data Visualization Practices to Improve

Machine learning, streaming analytics, data discovery, and ad-hoc analytics are all possible with this open and stable multi-cloud data lake platform.

Focused on Actionable Insights

From the start, Qodus provides users with efficient, safe data access and collaboration while reducing time to value, increasing efficiency, and decreasing cloud data lake costs.

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Protection that extends from the endpoint to the cloud

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Our Unique Technology

We safeguard your information against known and unknown threats without jeopardizing your privacy or trust. We use artificial intelligence to analyze telemetry data from over 300 million devices and over 80 million applications in the Lookout Security Graph.

We can offer platform modules that secure you with a lightweight app on your computer thanks to the AI in our Security Graph.


Trace Analysis

Qodus uses a decade of experience mapping the internet—both IP and non-IP space—to power applied intelligence that detects and responds to cyberattacks anywhere on the world. Customers use Qodus' award-winning platform to detect and remove threats through the enterprise security stack.

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Proprietary Research

The majority of security products and applications are lacking vital intelligence that can help close gaps and remove threats. All of this comes to an end with the addition of code-level discovery and composition intelligence to the entire security stack, bringing 10 years of internet threat intelligence—IP and non-IP tools, hosts and host pairs, applications, sites, ports, data, transport, material, components, and code—to the enterprise and third party.

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Data Analysis

Look for Indicators and Respond with Confidence
Over the past ten years, Qodus has absorbed internet information from the most comprehensive data and proprietary threat attribution. Identify who is targeting you, as well as their intentions, skills, and threat indicators, across your attack surface. Qodus brings you from data to insights to action in just a few clicks by enriching each indicator.

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We developed TwoZeroTrust Strategy in 2020.

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